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Most day-to-day coffee drinkers have a moderate physical dependence on caffeine. Withdrawal signs may include headaches, sleepiness, bad concentration, irritability, and achiness. While caffeine withdrawal isn't nearly as bad as withdrawal from some other compounds, it can make for some really long days. If you're thinking of taking a break from caffeine, here are some pointers to make it simpler.

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For coffee, the fastest many people can taper down without being too troubled by withdrawal symptoms has to do with a quarter cup a day. You might feel a bit tired or have more difficulty focusing by the end of the day, however the symptoms will be reasonably minor. And you don't have to lower a quarter cup every day.

If you get caffeine from soda, tea, or energy beverages, you can typically cut by a bigger quantity every day, depending on just how much caffeine there is per serving. For coffee drinkers, it's likewise essential to note that coffee can vary hugely in its caffeine content. If you switch kinds throughout your taper, you might end up drinking less coffee but consuming more caffeine.

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For example, if you normally consume a light roast, you can normally lower the quantity of caffeine just by changing to a medium or dark roast, considering that darker roasts usually have less caffeine. Alternate days. Another method some people recommend is to alternate days. Try going a day without coffee and see what occurs.

Then, no coffee again on the third day, a bit less on the fourth day, and so on. You have more rough days like you would if you give up cold turkey, but it's only one day at a time and you can drink coffee again the next day. You might be able to taper a bit much faster by doing this, but it might also be a rough ride.

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Once again, withdrawal signs are almost as bad as some other substances, but you may feel like you're underwater for a number of days or weeks. That can be a tough slog, especially if you have a lot to do, particularly if any of it needs concentration or memory or reacting to questions.

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